(all pages by anthony weir; almost all photos by anthony weir and Tom FourWinds, with special contribution from ken williams)

irish megaliths entry page

index page (with photos)

irish prehistoric megaliths: dolmens and other chambered tombs (with photos)

irish stone circles (with photos)

irish passage-tombs (essay with photos)

irish petroglyphs (rock art) (essay with photos)

stone forts (cashels) and souterrains (essay with photos)

field-guide: county-by-county gazetteer of megalithic stones in ireland (with clickable map and photos)

counties: antrim armagh carlow cavan cork clare derry donegal down dublin fermanagh galway kerry kildare kilkenny laois leitrim londonderry

limerick longford louth mayo monaghan meath offaly roscommon sligo tipperary tyrone wexford waterford westmeath wicklow

satan in the groin: male-exhibitionist ("sheela-na-gig") carvings on 12th century (Romanesque) churches in France, Spain, Ireland (with photos)

ancient irish pillar-stones, ogam stones & cross-pillars (with photos)

ancient irish cross-pillars & cross-slabs (photographs)

irish sweathouses (with photos)

ireland & the phallic continuum: pillars and sculptures (with photos)

cd-rom of irishgenius/ spared stones of ireland: order page

northern ireland insight: the bleakness of living in a determinedly-charmless statelet (by anthony weir)

french genius: some megaliths of western france (with photos of menhirs and prehistoric tombs (dolmens)

mégalithes de la france occidentale (french language version of some megaliths of western france) (with photos of dolmens and allées-couvertes)

PLUS high-resolution photographs of irish & french megaliths and remains linked to megaliths pages



links to archeological, megalithic, ancient-stones and stone-circle sites in the british isles and elsewhere




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