Map of Ireland
showing the Counties and historical Provinces,

excluding the four administrative sub-counties around Dublin
and the two Ridings of Tipperary.

To use this map as a Megalithic Gazetteer,

click on a county for details of selected monuments.

see note below on 1:50,000 maps

To use this map as a Megalithic Gazetteer,
click on a county for details of selected monuments.


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Instructions on how to use grid references appear on every map.


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A note on the Irish 1:50,000 maps.

Although the Irish Grid covers the whole island, maps for Northern Ireland, published in Belfast, differ slightly from those issuing from Dublin.
The Dublin Ordnance Survey's Discovery series marks almost every stone monument, so that nearly every megalith listed on this site is marked with a red dot, and labelled "Megalithic tomb" or "Standing stone". They are thus invaluable to the megalith-hunter.

Northern Ireland's Discoverer mark only a fraction of surviving megaliths.
Tombs tend to be anachronistically labelled Chambered Grave.

A few of the map references given on this site may be slightly inaccurate.

I should be grateful for any corrections to grid co-ordinates or any other matters of fact.

Instructions on how to use grid references are printed on every map.


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How to convert Irish Grid references to Latitude/Longitude
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Large monuments in State Care charge for admission.
If you are planning to visit several such monuments,
a Heritage Card could save you money.


Clontygora, county Armagh


This website is based on EARLY IRELAND: A FIELD GUIDE
which was published in 1980, quickly sold out,
and was never reprinted.


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The only good portable Guide to Ireland's megalithic monuments
(as well as Early Christian and some mediæval sites) is the 672-page

(Gothic Image, Glastonbury 2002, ISBN 0906362431)
- though few grid-references are given, and never with a map number or grid letter -
let alone GPS co-ordinates.

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