Labbacallee, county Cork.

R 774 020 - Sheet 73

Nearest village: Glanworth

A rear view of the largest of Irish wedge-tombs, known as "The Hag's Bed"
(Leaba Caillighe,
referring to the Hag aspect of the Triple Goddess)
showing the massive roof-stones and the three "buttress-stones" at the back. It is covered with three huge roofstones.
The three stones in the left foreground are part of the kerb which was designed to show off the buttress-stones in a kind of "rear-court".
The megalith resembles a French gallery-tomb in size and design, a similarity shared by the wedge-tomb at Burren, Cavan.

There are two closing-slabs at the front of the tomb with a deliberate gaps on both sides.

The gallery comprises a large rectangular chamber, with a small one behind it, separated by a dividing slab,
one top corner of which has been trimmed off to leave a soul-hole or 'half-porthole'.
The photo below shows part of the chamber looking out to the entrance.

The dividing-slab of the gallery showing the 'soul-hole' or 'half-port-hole',

Two photos - looking front and back - by Howard Goldbaum.


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