Carrowmore, county Sligo

Some of the tombs in the complex, photographed by Ian Thompson in 2003.

Site13, with the remains of a short passage.

Site 4

Site 48 (photographed in 2007 by Jim Dempsey)

Site 49 (photographed in 2007 by Jim Dempsey): a chelonic boulder-burial

Site 52: a less-chelonic boulder-burial

Site 53.

Site 56: a double chamber resembling a figure-of-eight.

The central tomb, Listoghil, excavated and provided with a walkway for visitors to view the central kist.

The megalithic kist chamber - protected in the French style.

click to see this as it was 30 years ago

A painting of the kist by Tommy Barr.

A view from another angle.

photo by Jim Dempsey
click to see this as it was nearly thirty years ago

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See Martin Byrne's excellent web-site for more detailed information,
and for sequential photos of most of the 50-plus sites in the area.