Ballynoe, county Down.

J 481 404 - Sheet 21

The lane leading to the stone circle, in Spring and in Summer.

Three winter views of the circle from the NE , with the Mountains of Mourne to the South, down between which
the setting sun seems to slide half-way between Autumn equinox and Winter solstice.
The Western axial stone is marked with the letter A.
The Eastern axial stone is marked with the letter B. Another stone is behind it.

The Ballynoe circle lies at 54 17' North, and has no views to the East.
The Swinside circle is also 54 17' North, and has no views to the West.
On the Isle of Man at the same latitude lies Ballafayle Long Cairn...


Two of the stones on the E side of the circle, immediately below the letter B above.

These stones are to the S of the eastern axial stone which is seen here (behind and to the right) as roof-shaped.

The lines of natural 'solution pits' (possibly enlarged by human hand) must have been the inspiration for artificial 'cup-marks'.

There are other stones with solution-pits in the circle; one near this stone has a very fine (but probably entirely natural) and beautifully-placed cup-mark.

Click on the camera to see it.

Might this be some sort of altar ?
The right-angled cut is a feature of several megaliths in the area, notably
Legananny Dolmen.

A cup-marked stone at the W side of the circle.

Click on the stone for a view from the West showing the entrance to the circle.


Click here to compare the circle at Swinside in Cumbria.