Gortnavern, county Donegal: Dermot and Grania's Bed

C 218 304 - Sheet 2

Nearest village: Carrowkeel (Kerrykeel)

This picturesque dolmen has a chamber of 5 slabs set on edge (one fallen),
and covered by a slipped (and characteristically tilted) roofstone 3.6 metres long,
which is raised 2 metres off the ground by the portal-stones.

Dermot and Grania* were two illicit lovers who eloped and were pursued, and slept every night in a different place.
This recalls the use of French dolmens as shepherds' shelters even today.


Photo by Jim Dempsey

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In Irish: Leaba Dhiarmuid agus Ghráinne.
Some tombs are called Labbydermot or even The Labby.