Cloverhill, county Sligo: Tomb Carrowmore 30A

Nearest town: Sligo

Latitude: 54° 14' 57.13" N
Longitude: 8° 30' 17.21" W

This little (now-roofless) tomb on the finge of the Carrowmore complex is something of a puzzle, s
ince the designs on the
right-hand stone are unlike any others in passage-tombs.
It is, moreover, the only decorated tomb in the county.
The engravings on the right-hand stone are very much in the elegant, curvilinear, Celtic 'La Tène' style
of up to two thousand years later than the Carrowmore megaliths, and have none of the characteristic motifs of passage-tombs.
The left-hand stone bears, however, a classic design of both megalithic and petroglyphic 'art':
the ring of cup-marks surrounding a cup-mark, and here surrounded by incomplete rings.

Some authorities accept it as part of the Irish passage-tomb series, and others do not.
Perhaps the decoration of this tomb was added to, for whatever reason, in Celtic times ?