Carrowkeel, county Sligo

A grainy photograph taken with a primitive Kodak Instamatic camera in 1972, looking towards Slieve Daene and
(to the left) Knocknarea, with
Maeve's cairn just visible on the top.

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Two of the cairns viewed from a third, with Knocknarea beyond and Maeve's Cairn
visible in the original slide but not in this digitalised picture.

Looking West to Cairn B from
Cairn E.

Cairn O in Doonaveeragh townland, and Lough Arrow behind, with Mullaghfarna hut/tent-circles
at the bottom of the picture.

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Looking towards the escarpment of Doonaveragh (with cairn P to the right)
from one of the rings of (decayed limestone) stones in Mullaghfarnagh
which may have been where tents for a ceremonial gathering were pitched and weighted down.

Cairn P, digitally enhanced from a photograph by Sam Moore.

All but the first and last photos are by Tom FourWinds.


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