Carrowkeel, county Sligo

An enhanced Google Earth view of the Bricklieve (= speckled) Mountains (bottom left) and Lough Arrow.

Cairn B.

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Cairn B (on the horizon) and cairn L, viewed from cairn K (with exposed roof-slabs).

The denuded passage of cairn C.

photo by Ian Thompson

The light-box and entrance of cairn G seen from within.

Cairn G from the front.

Part of the chamber and passage of Cairn K.

The roof and entrance of Cairn K, also from within the chamber.

The entrance to Cairn K.

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Cairn H...

...and the entance to Cairn H.

Mullaghfarnagh neolithic village on the plateau to the left of the photo above the escarpment,
with cairns O and P (in Doonaveeragh) overlooking them. Lough Arrow is behind.

photo by Martin Byrne



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