Beaghmore, county Tyrone

My dog Oscar gives an idea of how small most of the stones in this photogenic complex are.

This superb site is the only excavated and maintained stone-circle site amongst many in central Tyrone.
Circles of small stones with tangential alignments of larger ones are common in the Central Tyrone
and East Fermanagh area, and at Beaghmore a group of these, together with about a dozen small cairns were uncovered during peat-cutting.
More may lie in the uncut peat-bog beyond.

At present 7 circles and 9 rows can be seen - the stones of the rows being from a few centimetres to 1.8 metres high.
Burials and kists were found in some of the cairns. One stone circle is filled with hundreds of small stones set upright -
a feature also of another remarkable site to the SE at Copney.

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