Dolmen de Nougayrol, Trévien (Tarn)

1:25,000 sheet/feuille 2241 E

This damaged tomb is interesting in that the slipped capstone (displaying a prominent vein of quartzite)
was stabilised some time ago with a mortared wall to prevent it falling.

The slippage of the capstone reveals shaping of the top of the eastern side-stone so that the capstone fitted snugly (but not snugly enough).
On the W side there is a "soul-hole" as in so many tombs in the SW of France.

The front (N) sides of the side/support stones look as if they have been vertically sliced
or fashioned to present an appearance recalling that of the portal-stones on Irish portal-tombs.

A view in winter - with vapour-trails in the sky.

While I was photographing this dolmen a young man in the house across the road
was playing Bach on the flute: a magic moment!


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