Allée couverte de la Pégarié, La Brègue, Montirat (Tarn)

[1:25.000 Sheet/Feuille 2240 E]

This amazing arrangement of (mostly granite) stones is on the W side of the D53 going up from the valley of the Viaur
towards Montirat, just under 6 km SSW of the alignment at Lunac (Aveyron).

Some or many of the stones seem to have been quarried about 60 metres SW.
There are several terraces above the tomb, presumably of later date.

The first photo faces the façade, which looks just like an Irish wedge-tomb, with the entrance typically filled with small stones.
It is built into the side of a steep slope - unusual in French tombs but not so rare in Irish wedge-tombs.

It is massive - but there are no roof-stones - though of course the roofstones of such tombs are the first to go.

From the North.

From the South.

Details of the façade.


NB : L'origine de la famille paternelle de Honoré de Balzac
se situe au hameau de la Brègue dans la commune de Montirat (Tarn)
où sont cités en 1560 un Jean Balssa...

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