Quelques mégalithes de l'Ouest-Minervois

All are marked on the IGN 1:100.000 Béziers-Montpellier map (no.65).
Tous marqués sur la carte IGN 1 : 100.000 No.65 (Béziers-Montpellier).

4. Dolmen du Vieil Homme (Palet de Roland, Dolmen de la Jagartière),
Villeneuve-Minervois (Aude)

A charming little woodland walk on both sides of the road to Pujol-de-Bosc on the SE slope of the Montagne Noire
leads up first to the Palet de Roland, fancifully (and relatively recently) attributed to the legendary anti-Muslim knight.
It, too, has been restored to prevent fracture and collapse of the roofstone.
It is a small dolmen with a very short entrance, and it looks out over the plain to the Pyrenees,
with a glimpse of the Mediterranean on days of good visibility.

On the other side of the road, a track leads to the roofless La Traoucado, which is a typical upland tomb
and also affords fine views.

5. Dolmens de Jappeloup & Bel Soleil,
Félines-Minervois (Aude)

The wrecked dolmen de Jappeloup retains a trace of its kenne-hole door-slab,
and must originally have been a small version of the
Dolmen de Fados.

To the SE, lost amongst the steep rocky scrub, is the dolmen de Bel-Soleil, also wrecked.
Neither of these tombs is worth the considerable searching required.

There are more tombs to the East and North of the
Dolmen de Fados, but I have not visited them.

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