Quelques mégalithes de l'Ouest-Minervois

All are marked on the IGN 1:100.000 Béziers-Montpellier map (no.65).
Tous marqués sur la carte IGN 1 : 100.000 No.65 (Béziers-Montpellier).

3. Allées-couvertes de Saint-Eugène (Aude)

In the woods NNW of Russol, this very large scheduled monument is not signposted
because of a hostile land-owner - who cannot, however, legally prevent access.

It has been restored in the traditional drastic French manner
(compare the fantasy-walls of nearby Carcassonne),
but is certainly worth a detour.
It is built on a huge platform, some of which is natural.

The first photo shows the entrance - and the restored dry-walling.

The passage from the rear.

The rear of the tomb showing the rather-too-neat reconstruction.

On Google Earth the tomb looks like the tip of a penis poking through the earth!