Ponsat (Creuse)

[1:25.000 Sheet/Feuille 2230 O]

Quatre vues très différentes de ce charmant dolmen.

Four different views of a charming dolmen typical of many in the Bas-Limousin.

Not far away, and also near Pontarion, at Martinèche, is the Pierre aux Neuf Gradins (The Stone with Nine Steps)
which is a startling outcrop of huge boulders, in many of which are deep circular depressions (like Irish
which seem to be at least partly man-made. The Nine Steps could have been made at any time,
but seem to me to be fairly recent - perhaps mediæval.

The circular depressions are like giant bullauns.
Compare with the remarkable phenomenon at
Paussac-et-Saint-Vivien (Dordogne)
and other, much shallower,
crateroliths in France.

A wonderful vulvular fissure in the formation.

Compare this site with "Le Chaos" at Prayssac


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