La Pierre Levée, Faycelles (Lot)

1 : 25,000 IGN Série Bleue,
sheet/feuille 2238E

This impressive if incomplete tomb is situated behind a modern house by the side of a road leading down into the valley of the Lot,
about 10 minutes from Figeac, and is marked on the map. It is used as a place to put string, spades, fenceposts...
It is about 2.6 metres high.

Its back-stone has a remarkable natural hole in it of very appropriate shape.
In fact, as a piece of sculpture this damaged tomb is one of the finest I have ever seen.
This is abstract art at its most transcendental.

These photos were taken at dusk, with both flash and natural light.

From behind.

The tomb in summer.
Juin 2010.


Just over 9 km SE on other side of the river Lot are the monuments near Salles-Courbatiers >