Tirnony, county Derry

C 840 017 - Sheet 8

Nearest village: Maghera

This charming little dolmen (one of the first I visited in 1969) is remarkable for the free-standing orthostat, 1.8 metres high, which is beside one of the portal-stones (on the right in the photograph). This suggests a derivation from or mingling with the court-tomb tradition. The picturesque capstone tilts at the usual angle, and behind it is a well-defined square chamber.


This is a winter view.
A summer view (taken some 20 years later) is below.



Not far away (uphill) is the signposted sweathouse
at Tirkane.








Click on the photo to get a view of the chamber.

The tomb photographed by Ken Williams in 2006.

Click on the picture for an overhead view.