Tawnatruffaun, county Sligo

G 400 282 - Sheet 24

Nearest village: Dromore West

The Giant's Griddle

has a fine slab-like capstone 2.8 metres long, tilted appropriately and resting on 2 well-matched portal-stones about 1.5 metres high
(between which is a low 'half-door' stone) and only just resting on the backstone.
One of the sidestones has disappeared - allowing this view into the chamber
which was taken around 1975 before wretched and soulless conifer-plantation.


Six photos of this photogenic tomb taken in 2004
by Ian Thompson.

The view from the bank of the nearby stream.

The view from the tomb towards Slieve Gamph.

Four photos taken in 2005 by the inimitable Ken Williams.