Srahwee, county Mayo.

L 793 746 - Sheet 37

Nearest village/town: Louisburgh

"Tobernahaltora" is a well-preserved sepulchre is in a very beautiful situation by the roadside.
A single large roofstone covers most of the main chamber of the gallery.

A view from the front, showing the large door-like septal slab dividing the main chamber
from the antechamber in the foreground, and the chocking-stones on the back-stone supporting the roof.


A romantic view of 'The Altar Well'.


A painting of the tomb by
Tommy Barr

painting by Tommy Barr

Unfortunately, since the photographs above were taken in the nineteen-seventies,
a bungaloid dwelling has been built right beside the tomb.

Talk about blasphemy and desecration!
photo by Jim Dempsey

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