Loughcrew, county Meath:
Cairn L
on Carnbane West

not now visitable except with permission from the landowner and the Office of Public Works.

The sheep-strewn approach...

...and the cairn with Tomb T on Carbane E. behind.

The chamber with the freestanding limestone monolith or menhir...

photo by Ian Thompson

...(left) in front of a huge, barely-concave basin.

Photos of recess carvings and roofstone by Ken Williams.

Slides taken around 1975

The design on the top right of the right-hand picture is also found on open-air petroglyphic boulders,
for example at Ormaig in the Kilmartin Valley, Argyll, Scotland.


A stone in the passage of Cairn L.

Passage of Cairn L.


Screenshots from video taken by Howard Goldbaum

One of the exposed tombs close to Cairn L, seen from it...

...and a detail of the gallery.


Archæologist R.A. Macalister's photograph of Cairn F, which also has a free-standing monolith.


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