Knowth, county Meath

N 999 738 - Sheet 43

Nearest town: Drogheda
Nearest village: Slane


Ken Williams' photograph of the famous basin...

...and of the chamber of Satellite 16, which also has a basin.

Carvings on the top surface of the capstones of the west passage of the main tomb,
photographed by
Ken Williams.

Now part of the crudely neo-Disney Newgrange Experience, Knowth has some wonderful carvings on its kerbstones
(as well as in its chambers), some of which may be of astronomical or topographical significance.

These pictures were taken during excavation.


Some of the kerbstones as seen in 2005.

The 'Sun-dial' kerbstone, beautifully photographed by Ken Williams.
This stone is unlikely to have been an actual sun-dial.

And another.


The following pictures were taken in 2004 by Tom FourWinds

View of the tumulus from near the modern entrance to the complex.




The significant (presumably male and female) stones
at the entrance to the East passage.

Part of the kerb with its decorated stones.

The West passage.

The entrance to a smaller mound.

The timber circle outside the East passage of the main mound.

The beautiful anthropomorphic marble mace-head
on display under glass - resting on fragments of bone.