Kealkil, county Cork

This impressive and splendidly-situated monument (overlooking Bantry Bay and Kealkill village)
comprises a fine 5-stone axial circle of large stones, with 2 outlying monoliths,
the higher of which is now almost 4 metres high: it was originally over 6 metres high.
This is one of the few circle sites to have been excavated, and inside the circle was found
a setting of crossed timber sleepers which may perhaps have held an upright of wood or stone.
Like most stone-rows, the 2 outliers are on a NE-SW axis, parallel with that of the circle.
Nearby also is a small cairn of stones incorporating a circle of small upright stones set radially.

W 054 556 - Sheet 85

Nearest village: Kealkill
Nearest town: Bantry

click on the picture for a view of the circle taken from the top of the tall standing-stone
(the stick beside it is one metre high)