Dowth, county Meath

O 023 738 - Sheet 43

Nearest village: Slane

Dowth is more or less 'off-limits' to visitors,
and despite past depredations, is the least interfered-with tomb in the Boyne Valley.

(The electric lights do not work.)

One of the many decorated stones inside.


A lintel-stone in the chamber of the Southern tomb.

Another stone inside the Southern tomb, photographed by Pádraig Ó Cumiscaigh.
Note the 'shelf' at the top.

A detail of one of the Eastern kerbstones.

The back kerbstone, K.51, lit by the rising winter sun.

Click the photo for another kerbstone.

This photo is taken from DOWTH: WINTER SUNSETS by Anne-Marie Moroney,
published by Flax Mill Publications, 34 Ballypark, Flax Mill Lane, Drogheda, county Louth (IRL).
ISBN 0 9533822 3 0

A kerbstone revealed during excavation.


For more on the history of Dowth, see the Voices from the Dawn website.


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