Carrowreagh, county Donegal

C 416 506 - Sheet 3

This semi-circular thin slab whose SE face is covered in deeply-incised cross-motifs, is thought by some to be prehistoric reworkings of existing fissures deepened by weathering. Others consider the petroglyphs to be much later.

This stone used to be near the petroglyphs at Magheranaul,
but was moved in Penal days to be used as a "Mass Rock" for the practice of Catholic rites outlawed by the English.
There is a wedge-tomb about 1000 metres ENE.

Compare with the Icelandic pictograms symbolising the Nine Helms of Ægishjalmar

and on an ogam stone at Ballintaggart on the Dingle Peninsula of county Kerry
at the other end of the island.