Carrickglass, county Sligo.

G 796 157 - Sheet 25

Nearest village: Riverstown

Tucked away in a hollow, in the corner of a field, this remarkable megalith has a huge limestone capstone 2.5 metres thick,
4.5 metres long, and 2.75 metres wide, weighing some 70 tonnes.
It is a veritable hanging garden of vegetation, and appears to be driving the ridiculously puny portal-stones
and backstone into the soft ground. The entrance is marked by a thin door-slab.
'Labby' is an anglicisation of the Irish word for 'bed' - as in 'Dermot and Grania's Bed'.
This photo was taken in 1972, and the spot has much changed since then.

The above photo was take around 1973.
The landscape has changed considerably since then - due to the planting of inappropriate trees.

The chamber photographed by Jim Dempsey.

The entrance and door-stone photographed by Martin Byrne.