Antynanum, county Antrim

D 256 110 - Sheet 9

Nearest village: Carnlough

The S side of the forecourt. Note the cupmark on the second stone from the right.

The wrecked portal-tomb with its neat half-door. The right-hand portal-stone has been broken.
The front (gabled) capstone is on the left.

The gabled roofstone is on the right.
Note the shouldering of the W portal-stone and of a displaced orthostat behind the E portal-stone (to the left in the photograph).

The long cairn from the W end, with the portal-tomb in right foreground.


The standing-stones at D 252 112, looking towards the main Carnlough-Ballymena road.

With higher-powered zoom.

"The Maidens" in their rushy field.

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