Brenanstown (Glendruid), county Dublin.

O 229 241 - Sheet 50

Nearest village/town: Cabinteely, Greater Dublin

A superb granite sepulchre in a leafy glen behind secluded residences of the rich,
this portal-tomb is unusual in being approached from above, and,
looking like stone frozen in motion upon frosty ground, it epitomises the marvellous sculpturality
that characterises Irish portal-tombs. Note the artificial grooves on the roofstone.
Behind the tomb is a rectangular arrangement of stones which might (or might not) be another chamber.

The stick beside the portal-stone is one metre high.

A view from the other side of the tomb by Ken Williams.

Below is a springtime picture from the road above the glen
, taken by Ian Thompson.

More pictures by Ian Thompson:

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