Verdier (Tarn)

Le Dolmen or La Peyro Levado de Saint-Pierre, Sainte-Cécile du Cayroux

[1:25.000 Sheet/Feuille 2241 O]

This charming little dolmen is at the edge of a small copse. It is not signposted,
but easy to reach along a by-road signposted Saint-Pierre, via a field-boundary leading to agricultural matériel.

Two painterly photos by Martyn Copcutt.

photo of the author by Tom Matthews
A self-portrait of the author.

The arrow in the picture below points to the dolmen, which, alas! is less visible than the agricultural matériel nearby.


12.7 km NE of La Peyro Levado de Saint-Pierre is La Peyrelade at Vaour >


5.1 km due E of the Peyro Levado, and just visible to the S of the road, is
Le Menhir de Vieux
or Menhir de Sainte-Carissime (Verdier).
To me it looks more like the sole remaining slab of a large tomb than a menhir.


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