Bonarme (Dordogne) : Dolmen & Polissoir

Nearest village: Belvès

The dolmen is still partially buried in its tumulus with the remains of a surrounding stone kerb still surviving.

Further into the forest from the dolmen are two polissoir stones dated to about 3000 BC...

photo by Bodvael, from T4T35.

...which, like the dolmen, can be found by following the marked and signposted forest walk for a kilometre or so.
It is situated on a slope with an ancient spring below and some hut circles above.

One of the two stones has about 6 grooves in it with a natural basin for holding water, which is necessary for the procedure.
The other stone is superb and has about 10 grooves and flat polishing areas on it, all of different sizes and in different parts of the stone.
Unfortunately the end of the stone has been broken off..

A little notice-board informs visitors that it would have taken about 70 hours to polish an axe-head.